Since I was a child, I loved dressing up very much. I chose to study fashion design in college and  joined a fashion design company without hesitation after graduation. Our designs are supplied to many well-known clothing brands at home and abroad, and we also own some brands. By 2020, I have worked as a fashion designer for 10 years. During this period, I have met a lot of excellent people in clothing design industry. Some of them are our customers and some are our partners. They mainly supply the Chinese market.

In August 2020, my mother fell ill. Because of work, however,my mother and I were not living in the same city, and I often travelled to various places in China. So I had to resign and return to my mother's side to take care of her.This was definitely a significant change in my career path,but I feel proud of my decision,as it is pretty simple for me that nothing in the world is more important than my family,especially my mom.They are my most valuable assets and whom I fight for.

How we started Pursue Boutique

I felt lost for a few months and didn’t know what I can do as my future work,as there are very less job opportunities related to designing in my home city.One day, my lover reminded me that since you know English, why not show the classic and beautiful fashions from China to people abroad.I never thought of building and owning such a business before. But this idea has been exciting me very much.This is how PURSUE BOUTIQUE was born.

In PURSUE, I would manage style selection and customer service, and my teammates would work on website operation,marketing, procurement and delivery, etc. We are very strict in quality inspection and try our best to let customers receive the order soon and feel happy with the shopping with us.

I believe that our clothes would make you find the best version of yourself. 

Customer’s feedback is always warmly welcome,your feedback would very much help us improve better. Thank you very much.

--Sandra Jiang,Founder of Pursue